Fibre compound material - a modern, innovative material

Already in the 40ies, the use of fibre compound materials increased more and more.

Initially, the glass fibre material has mainly been used in the boat building area, in the production of moulded parts, etc.

By modern production processes, the fibre compound material furthermore has been used for the production of sports articles as well as in the automobile industry.

In the 80ies and 90ies the fibre compound material could conquer the market for the aerospace industry, the industry for plant and antenna construction by continiously improved manufacturing methods and materials.

Since 2000 it is possible to produce high-precision components providing high repeat-accuracy. High temperature-stability (up to 250C) is possible by using our own recipes in the manufacturing process.

High stiffness at very low weight of the fibre compound material are the ideal preconditions for many new and innovative applications. The nature-orientated fibre compound material is very environment-friendly and ideally integrated in the ecosystem due to the use of natural fibres and resins.

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